Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Welcome to Born of the Pyramids!

Hey guys! Welcome to the Born of the Pyramids blog. Let me first introduce you to Born of the Pyramids, how it came about, and what it is that we aim to do.

Born of the Pyramids is a book about working equines in Egypt. It is based on a true story, on true horses, with their stories drawn directly from personal experiences of working with equines in Egypt. It has one simple goal: to help raise awareness of the situation that working equines in Egypt face.

Meet Rocky

Rocky is the star of Born of the Pyramids, and the main foundation for the entire book itself. His story touched many people through the power of social media, and his legacy lives on through the book and the lasting impact we hope it will have.

Since its inception, Born of the Pyramids has always been a dynamic thing. As more copies of the book were sold, more horses were helped. Each month, Born of the Pyramids donates towards equine and animal charities in Egypt, with over a few hundred pounds donated thus far! It's a staggering feat to imagine the story of a few horses has had this impact, and it's an impact we want to continue to nurture and grow.

Born of the Pyramids is really spreading its wings at the moment. With plans for the book to be printed in hard copy, it has also taken on a life of its own.

Meet Sabatasha, or Tascha for short. 

Tascha is Born of the Pyramids sponsor pony. He was spotted being ridden in the desert (yes, being ridden looking like a walking skeleton!) and it was immediately clear that he needed help. While Born of the Pyramids is not a charity, we plan for the book to be edited into a kid's version and subsequently translated into Arabic. With the help of locals on the ground in Egypt, this version of Born of the Pyramids will be handed out to the younger generations to help teach them empathy from an early age. And as any teacher worth their salt will tell you, seeing something with your eyes, touching it, feeling it, will always help drive any lesson home. This is the role that Tascha will now fill, in being our living, breathing representation of Born of the Pyramids and what kind of impact kindness can have on one horse.

We'll update this blog with Tails from Tascha, first hand accounts of life on the ground in Egypt, and any host of other articles.

We hope you enjoy following us on this journey. Please get in touch if you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you.

You can also follow Born of the Pyramids on Facebook, or check out our Twitter account @BornofPyramids. 

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